Dog Sitting & Boarding

Dog Sitting
Whether you are away for 2 or 10 days, you need someone who will treat your pups as their own and make sure they're happy.

I recommend a Meet & Greet before you leave so we can go over feeding and care instructions. This is free.

While you are gone, visits will include feeding, walks/outdoor play, accident clean up, simple medication (if needed), and home care (cycle lights on/off, mail pick up, plant care, etc)I can send text updates as frequently as you would like them and include any pictures taken.

If you have other animals (chickens, geese, guinea pigs, fish, turtles, etc), I can help with those, too. See "Add-on services" below.

Weekender discount package
30 minute visits in the morning, mid-day, and evening 
$40/day for 1 dog
Add $10/day for each additional dog

Vacationer discount package
A 30 minute morning visit, a 60 minute mid-day visit, and a 30 minute evening visit giving your pup more time for socialization and play
$50/day for 1 dog
Add $10/day for each additional dog

Add-on services available
Care for other animals: $5/day for simple care/single animal
Care for other animals: $10/day for advanced care/multiple animals
Travel to dog parks, beach, etc: $25 for 1 hour
Medication management: $15
Bathing & Grooming Services
Yard clean up

Dog Daycare/Boarding
Occasionally, I will take dogs into my home for the day or overnight. Please contact me with your situation to check my availability.

Day (up to 12 hours): $25

Overnight (up to 24 hours): $30

Holiday Appointments
Please note, any services performed on the following holidays will have a $5 per day/night holiday fee:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Easter Sunday
Father’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Mother’s Day
Independence Day (4th of July)
Christmas Day